H A P P Y 💚 D E C E M B E R ❤️ FIRST!

HOLIDAY time is here! And everyday I get asked about so many of my favorite things that I talk about everyday on my IG stories and right here on this page! So, I want to spread some #holidaycheer!

Over the next 12 days (with maybe a day in between here and there, I’m not that organized #hotmessmom) I’m going to share with you a fun HOLIDAY GIFT idea that you could use for your friends and family, and maybe even for YOURSELF! 🎁🎄

So, be sure to stay tuned here and on IG, I will use the item in my stories and have it featured right here for you with a LINK to go check in out even more!

First up, the Bodum French Press! My mother told me about this for years and I never listened. So I hope she is listening now from above, THANK YOU MOMMA!!!! I love this thing!
OMG!!! This thing has changed me! I used to be a COFFEE CREAM lover, but since I have been eating clean for over 3 years, COFFEE CREAM and all of it’s fake ingredients do not entire my home! I have been creating my own #bulletproof coffee for years, but this thing brings it up about 57 notches!

Available almost anywhere, I think I got mine on
Amazon.com, I honestly can’t remember.

Here’s the LINK to get yourself one now!

I used to be scared of it, but really it’s SIMPLE!!!! LIFECHANGING! I went LIVE this morning to show you how to USE it, so easy!

Get this in the hands of that coffee loving friend,
or just put one under the TREE for yourself!


#bodum #frenchPress #java #NOMNOM #coffeelover

Countdown to my fave things is on and here’s #11!!!!
Check back for #12, if you missed it!
I used to struggle with pain in my feet while doing at home workouts. Actually anytime I did anything. Ever since I started wearing these, I have been completely pain-free during my workouts. For this, I am so thankful! There’s nothing worse than thinking about pain in your feet during the work out.
I get so many questions about my sneaks.
So here goes:
Nike FREE Connects!!!
YES, I have several colors and want more!
They are so comfy for all workouts!
I only wear mine indoors to keep them nice! 🙈
I have a wide foot!
I have bunyons.
No they are not tennis shoes.
I used to get ingrown toenails.
These are my fave!
here’s a link to CHECK THEM out by clicking on the image now!
But I found mine at Foot Locker, so check out prices first!
WHat’s your fave sneaker? I want to know!
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