The people who say “you are obsessed” as if it’s a bad thing, are the same people that will say congratulations when you succeed. And a lot of times, those same people then ask you for help. I get this all the time.  YOU ARE OBSESSED with FITNESS, you are OBSESSED with Wellness, YOU ARE OBSESSED with eating healthy.

I can think of alot worse things to be obsessed with! One thing I want to be OBSESSED with more is YOGA, but time has not on been on my side…….not until my new program!

Today, Yoga was on the agenda and much needed. I always try to take time for myself and do something to RECOVER, yet it’s been so hard to find the time. Not only for my body, but my mind. It’s really important to take time for yourself, when struggling with grief. One struggling with any emotional issue for that matter.

With my fave NEW program,  just 4️⃣ days a week, it’s pretty easy to fit in on those other 3️⃣ days.

And with my BRAND new YOGA mat, let’s just say it was a great morning!
One of my all time poses pictured here!


And it’s so exciting!!!!
This company asked if I’d test out this new CORK YOGA MAT, and offer my peeps a DISCOUNT too!
I have to say, I flipping love it!
So here’s to more YOGA!

CHECK IT OUT HERE! And tell them I sent you!

Personalized Yoga Mat


Don’t forget to let me know what you think!
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