There is a very special family that I know that is struggling right now and could use all of the POSITIVE thoughts and prayers that you can give.  This is a family that started out as friends, but has become an extended family to us.


This is Grayson, the little boy in this amazing family who needs all of our thoughts and prayers and one of the strongest little boys I know!

A few months back Grayson’s parents noticed a slight tremor in Grayson’s hands, primarily in the morning along with some delayed speech development.

They immediately began speech therapy, where the speech therapist advised that due to the above mentioned tremor they should engage a Neurologist to dig deeper, which after what they know now, they are so grateful for this recommendation!
Following in office tests with a Neurologist and the parent’s continued pressure to expedite scheduling of an MRI, they were finally told that Grayson had a mass in his brain, which was blocking the spinal fluids path and creating pressure on his brain.The surgical and medical team at Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital performed a successful procedure to obtain a portion of the tumor for biopsy and at the same time install a shunt to alleviate the spinal fluid pressure on Grayson’s brain. By the way, Grayson was walking and playing the very next day and the hand tremors were not present.


For the next 10 days they waited, not very patiently, for the results of the biopsy that finally came after the Arnold Palmer and St. Jude’s oncology team diligently worked to define it and prepare a treatment plan.
The diagnosis is an Astrocytoma, Cancer.

Grayson was admitted the very next day to Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital where he underwent a surgery to install a Broviac port where he receives his chemotherapy, which began Monday, June 25th.

Their son handled cycle 1 of chemotherapy, which lasted 3 days for chemo meds and 1 day of recovery meds, like a CHAMP! Grayson enjoys spending more time walking the halls of 4th floor oncology, while hooked up to IV meds, than he does in his room. Just so he can wave, smile and blow kisses to everyone he sees. In fact, he gets angry when he has to visit his room for any length of time.

The entire team at the hospital have been phenomenal with the professional care and compassion they’ve provided our son. Some nurses joke that there’s internal fight to see who gets to care for him during their shifts.
If we have go thru this, there isn’t a better place to do it at.

Grayson is at the beginning of his journey and he continues to teach everyone lessons in perseverance each day, always smiling.

Grayson and his family truly appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers and support. They feel very fortunate and grateful to have such extraordinary supportive family and friends to stand with them. They don’t have the words to express their gratitude as we continue to pray for his recovery throughout this treatment plan.

If you would like to show your support for Grayson, feel free to purchase a GRAYSON’s GANG #graysonstrong bracelet.  And help spread the awareness of brain cancer, not just in MAY but all year long.

The power of prayer and positive thinking is HUGE!

The money being charged for these bracelets will cover the cost of the Bracelet, shipping them to you, and any extra will go towards the JACK Family.

Orders will continue to go out WEEKLY, every Friday morning!
So if you order on Friday, please be patient! (thank you)

Please complete the form below if you would like to show your support.


And if you would like to FOLLOW along with Grayson’s journey as he CONQUERS this, please join the facebook group:

Grayson's Gang Facebook Page


We also held a benefit to SUPPORT the JACK family at a local restaurant.  They could not be there as Grayson was having a procedure to extract STEM CELLS to help in this process of fighting this!  Here is what they had to say!

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