I became SELF LOVE OBSESSED and I am PROUD of it!

So I have to be honest, the name of this new program really scared me when it was released!  80 Day Obsession? I have already been told that I am slightly “obsessed” with my health and fitness, so I didn’t need a program with this name!  Also, my anxiety and OCD, I really don’t need the word obsessed anywhere near me.


But really, when people make fun of me for being obsessed with health and fitness, I just brush it off.  So many people are obsessed with so many things, I think health and fitness is a pretty cool one to be obsessed with.  I don’t make fun of people for people being obsessed with sports teams, types of music, certain movies or shows, and even obsessions with purses, clothes, sneakers.  (oops, me too, on that last one (#noshame)


But one thing is for sure about this word OBSESSION.  I have an OBSESSION with becoming in LOVE with myself from the INSIDE! Say what?


The girl on the LEFT was obsessed with health and fitness, but happy on the inside. She had no clue what she was about to go through emotionally. So strength was a pretty good thing to be worried about at that time.


The girl on the RIGHT is me now. Embracing SELFLOVE in all areas of life. Not allowing LIFE to bring me down.

But that pic on the LEFT was from a PHOTO SHOOT in LA, after my initial transformation 3 years ago. This is my first after photo where I was flown to LA because they thought I deserved to be a part of the the informercial. So that pic, is the pic that I have been chasing for years. I mean like literally trying to be.


And when I took my pic today, and put them side-by-side, I already am that person. But what’s crazy is that I am 120 pounds on the left, and I am 133 pounds on the right. SAME PERSON, SAME ME, but because of the damn number on the scale I have been chasing after something that I am already.



I used to think it was about being a certain number on the scale and a certain size in my clothes.  I mean to be a SIZE zero, right? Isn’t that cool?  Isn’t that every 39 year old, mom of three’s dream?  NOT!  Well the girl on the RIGHT has learned a thing or two from that girl on the LEFT. But that girl on the left had no idea what she was about to go through.

The woman on the RIGHT is so much stronger than I even realize.  She has been through total SHIT and back.  I mean who loses a parent to suicide and then a few years later loses the other parent to undiagnosed breast cancer. Both parents gone without a freaking warning.  LIFE tried to KICK that girl’s ass so many times but she ROSE the EFFF above it all.  She continued to take care of herself.  She channeled all of the NEGATIVE energy and turned it into something great for LOTS and LOTS of people, including herself and her family, her kids and her husband.  You see that’s the thing, I kept myself in check first.  I gave myself the LOVE that I needed all while LOVING others and teaching them to LOVE themselves too.


I became OBSESSED with LIFE!

Obsessed with not letting ANYTHING knock me down.

Obsessed with feeling freaking amazing on the INSIDE.

And obsessed with the DAMN scale too. #wellNOTanyMORE

The word OBSESSION has a way bigger meaning to me now.  This word is bigger than health and fitness, this word is about LOVING myself ENOUGH to put myself FIRST no matter what stands in my way, no matter what my after picture looked like before, no matter who tries to KNOCK me down, no matter what CURVE ball life tries to throw at me.


If only that girl on the LEFT had any idea what was about to REALLY happen to her she would’ve slowed down and enjoyed the ride and learned to become OBSESSED even sooner. So, am I OBSESSED?  Yup!  I am obsessed with my life!

I am obsessed with not being KNOCKED down.

This whole entire journey actually has nothing at all to do with food and working out and EVERYTHING to do with the emotions of it all!!


It’s about how you FEEL as a result of all of that other stuff combined and when YOU can get to a place of perseverance where none of those things matter and you LOVE yourself for WHO you are RIGHT NOW and WHO you have become while on the journey.  That’s total OBSESSION!  That’s where you need to be and that’s where you need to STAY!  And then teach others to get there too and stay there, no matter what!


Do you LOVE yourself?

Like do you TRULY LOVE yourself?

All of your imperfections?

Are you proud of your scars?

Are you proud of your STORY?


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