My late mother used to make these for us as children every single year to bring into school share with her friends. Gone are the days that we are allowed to bring in homemade treats to public schools anymore. So I have not been able to continue this tradition with my own children.

Tomorrow, my little guy is having a Preschool party at someone’s home. So I immediately volunteered to make them.

I remember watching my mom make these, and struggling to them standing upright in the oven!
Over the years I have learned how to make these easier.
Watch and see.
I only wish my mom was still here so that I could show her of this new way.

Check it out here:

I also found a new (well new to me) tastes just like homemade cake mix. It’s organic, and vegan. And I feel good giving it to my children! Frosting made with coconut oil too! #saywhat

Thank you Miss Jones Baking Co., mother approved and kid approved too!

For a coupon, click here!

Have you ever made ice cream cone cupcakes for your children?

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Lori Lowenthal Miggins

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