Lice 2, Mom 0

So, it happened. 13 years of being a mother and for the first time my girls got the L word.


At first I was angry.
At first I wanted to find the source.
At first I wasn’t going to share about this.
At first I was embarrassed and ashamed.
At first I was going to keep it to myself.list

But then I thought about it and asked myself, does it matter where it came from? I also told myself that I wasn’t any less of a mother now, we aren’t bad parents, our girls aren’t sick, they aren’t dirty, and this is completely normal and no one’s fault. With over 5 millions cases reported every year, I am pretty confident that I know a few others that have had this happen to them too.

So as much as this sucks, we spent over 6 hours together last night, confined in my bathroom and trips to the laundry room to change loads. Treatment, cleaning their rooms and bedding, rinsing, combing through their hair, more treatment, blow drying, flat ironing, and more combing. And after a late night, we had a super early morning together too, helping them shower with special shampoo, making sure we removed them all.

And you know what, we spent so much quality time together, there was tons of laughing, crying, acting silly, and just being together. I could find much better things to be doing for 6+ hours but that quality time was just that, quality. How often do we spend that much time, confined in a space, with our children, talking about all the things. It’s like time stopped and nothing else mattered.

So, when I asked them about sharing this on my social media….

Morgan was like, “no way, don’t tell anyone!”.

And Taylor was like, “why not? It’s normal right? We aren’t broken! It happens to anyone! And maybe it will help someone else see that it’s ok and not something to be embarrassed about.”

She also then told me about an embarrassing situation at the track meet yesterday. And she said if she saw someone bullying that individual today about it she was going to say something and stand up for them. 💙

So if I could say that I found a positive about this sucky situation, that would be it. Teaching my girls to find the lesson, always a goal.

I also found a very safe and effective TREATMENT plan for LICE that you can do yourself!



An Incredible lice killer
An incredible memory maker

Last night during our 6 hour treatment and combing session, Taylor asked, “mom, why does this smell remind me of GRANDMA?”

The mouthwash (original yellow listerine) that no one used for actual mouth wash, except one person that we all knew very well.
My late mother.

She used it religiously, every single night before bed.
She did this little mouth wash dance too. She would hold up her fists, pointer fingers pointing up and sway quickly back and forth, as if she was challenging herself to swish it around as long as she could.

I told the girls about this.
I told about lots of other stuff too.

So of course she was with us, she always is.

Here is the SUMMARY of the LICE treatment I did with the girls!

  1. Soaked their hair for 30 minutes in the Listerine with a SHOWER CAP!.
  2. Rinse it out with water,
  3. Pick out all nits with finger or comb (the comb from WALGREENs is the best – see in pic above)
  4. Use a HOT HAIR Dryer to dry it,
  5. The FLAT IRON it with a HOT flat iron (mine was tat 450)
  6. Spray with the FAIRYTALES conditioning spray as you are flattening each section.
  7. Look for leftover nits and remove
  8. Spray with fairy tales again
  9. Then leave it until before bed 
  10. PUT good old MAYONAISE all over their hair, put in a bun and cover with shower cap.  Have them SLEEP with this.
  11. The next morning, wash with fairytales shampoo.
  12. REPEAT steps 2-8 daily until you see nothing left.
  13. REPEAT the LISTERINE treatment again every 7 days for 3-4 weeks!



And better to be safe than sorry!  TREAT YOURSELF TOO!



This METHOD is not guaranteed but it has worked for us!
You have to be diligent about PICKING out all of the NITS!  ALL of them and checking EVERY SINGLE strand!
The LISTERINE kills the bugs and the nits, the MAYO suffocates them, the FLAT IRON burns the EFFF out of them, and HAIR DRYER does too!  And the SHAMPOO and SPRAY repels them!

YOu must also wash all bedding on BURNING HOT water, everything!  I even sprayed everything with LICE KILLING spray!
And all stuffed animals MUST be put into a plastic bag for 2 weeks to ensure that anything on them is DEAD TOO!  I would spray it all too!  And VACCUUM all of the areas too!  Couches too!  And dispose of the VACUUM gatherings into a bag and dispose outside immediately!  NO filter vaccuum or you need to wash that too!  NO BUG LEFT BEHIND!

Oh and TOSS the brushes and hair ties, or BOIL them all!

Good luck!  You can do this MOMMA, it happens to everyone!

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