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My name is Lori Miggins and I am a mom of 3 beautiful children, married to my college sweetheart, self-retired Special Education Teacher, and stay-at-home mom.  I deal with all of the busy mom life, and where all of the hats, and spend most of my days in the car bringing my kids to all of their activities.

I live in Florida, but I am from Long Island, NY.  I lived an amazing childhood, married the man of my dreams, started raising a family, and then my world turned upside down when we unexpectedly lost my father to suicide as a result of depression that he battled for years.  My father was my best friend, he was the rock of our family, but he was very sick.  Mental illness is often shrugged off like “just snap out of it”, when really, it’s as serious as cancer. Fast forward 4 years, and I lost my mother to undiagnosed breast cancer, again, unexpectedly.

So I continue to struggle with grief on a daily basis.  But I have learned to PERSEVERE, put one foot in front of the other, appreciate what it right in front of me, and learn to LOVE each day.  What else can I do.  And, I found a passion with health and wellness when I started to put myself first, and experience it helping me with my own struggles, so I decided to pay it forward and help as many women as I can persevere through their lives too!


ᗰY ᑭᖇOᗰIᔕE TO YOᑌ:

I developed this page for the working and stay-at-home moms that have lost their self-worth and can not ORGANIZE their lives because of the hectic schedules of their FAMILY (kids and husband’s lives),

That feel as though they have placed everyone else’s life as a higher priority than that of their own,

I promise to help give you a FRESH START to your life teach you to give yourself the SELF LOVE that you deserve and realize that you ARE important and you NEED to put yourself first in order to be successful in everything else that you do,

By offering support and accountability to find yourself again on your own time, from the comfort of your own home, with simple ways to ORGANIZE your daily life,

Backed by the most sought after home-fitness workouts and team of women that have made the physical and mental transformations themselves,

To address the needs of women to know that they will benefit others more if they take care of themselves and their own needs first through FITNESS and HEALTH,

Since we understand how easy it is to be consumed by the daily sacrifices you make to raise a happy, healthy and prosperous FAMILY.




ᗰY ᗯᕼY?

I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach after the first person noticed the results I was getting from the Beachbody workout program I was doing.

Check out my complete TRANSFORMATION HERE!

That person consequently decided to purchase the program themselves as a result of my results! That was exciting and empowering to me, because though I’d never have dreamed in a million years that I would be a part of helping someone in their fitness journey, here I was, helping others out of pure enthusiasm! I found myself telling someone what worked for me, what I’d tried, what I’d heard someone else say worked for them, and giving encouragement.People helping people – from all around the country – working towards one common goal: Reversing The Trends of Obesity: One Relationship at a Time!

I am a stay-at-home mother of 3. When I began I had an 8 year old daugher, a 6 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. They are a little older now.  I am originally from Long Island, NY but I now reside in SUNNY Florida! I just love the weather here so much! I taught Special Education for 9 years before we decided to have children.

I started my journey with Beachbody years ago as I did p90x and Insanity after I had our 2nd daughter. It was those late night infomercials that really got to me. And, I completed the programs alone, with no support of a coach, just with my husband. I didn’t keep up with the programs and I never even knew to try Shakeology.

September 2014 I found my first challenge group. AND I’M SO GLAD THAT I DID!!!! I did the 21 day FIX and SHAKEOLOGY for the month of September and I haven’t turned back since. CHALLENGE GROUPS are the way to go! Support, accountability, recipes, ideas……you name it! And, I started my own fitness journey as a coach because of it! I saw my passion come through during this challenge group and I decided to become a coach because of it.


If you would like me to be your FREE BEACHBODY COACH,
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Read even more about MY PASSION for coaching.

I hope that I can help you find yours!


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