FREE GROUP is ready to be filled!?

I am so so excited to launch this FREE group this month! It is different than any other FREE group I have ever run before and that’s because there are SO MANY FREE opportunities here!
~ Shaun T – creator of …..INSANITY, T-25, MAX 30? Ring a bell? Well he is coming out with 7 brand new programs!

~ Chris Downing – creator of the all new SHIFT SHOP and you know you’ve seen me talk about my BOND and friendship with him!!! I was chosen and have been testing this program out in the OFFICIAL TEST GROUP!!! YUP ME!!!
Well, these 2️⃣ guys are both AH-MAZING trainers, guaranteed to get you INSANE results through a lot of heart, motivation and passion and they are both totally different in how they do it.
At the very beginning of my INTRO to Beachbody, I did INSANITY! And OH EMMMM GEEEE! I remember doing this program in my guest room, at night, after my girls went to bed. This was before I had baby #3. I grew to love cardio because of Shaun T! And, since then I have done all of his other programs and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next week! He is AMAZE-balls and BANANAs yo!
And then can we just talk about CHRIS DOWNING! A big teddy bear that makes me want to be better, do better and get better! I literally look forward to these workouts EVERY DAY!!! Ask my husband!
I really want for YOU to get a taste of both of these incredible trainers and what they have to offer. Even more exciting is the fact that these two weeks are going to be a preview into what my monthly SUPPORT groups are all about! IT’S LIKE A SNEAK PEEK of what I have been doing for so many for almost 3 years now!
Daily support, tips, and accountability from me.
Brand new meal plans to follow.
My 1:1 coaching for the full 2 weeks of this group.
A support message thread with other members of the group.
You’ll have access to a private Facebook Community and get 2 weeks free access to all the workouts in “Shaun Week” and also a chance in Week 2 to test out a sneak peek of a Shift Shop workout.
ALL ACCESS to Beachbody On Demand for 14 days. (this is my “Netflix” of workouts that I am always raving about)
All of the 7 Shaun Week workouts – BRAND NEW WORKOUTS from Shaun T!!
Access to the preview Shift Shop workout that will be leaked June 19th for ONE DAY ONLY.
A full schedule of workouts to “test” during these two weeks that are modeled after Shaun T and Shift Shop style programs.
Exclusive access to claim the first spots of my next monthly accountability group.
An Option to try Shakeology samples!
—>This will be a 2️⃣ week long group (June 12-25th)
—>Send me your email or fill out the form below BY Sunday night, June 11th to get in the group and you are good to go!
—>Tag 3 friends who might want to join you for this group!
This is YOUR TIME to try this FOR FREE! EVERYTHING I post about EVERY day, FREE ACCESS to it all! No hidden payments or fees or anything like that! I’m not about that!
It’s time for some awesome FREEBIES!!
—>Workouts, meal plans, prizes, and more! And whole lot of FUN with these 2 and ME!
Comment below “I’m in!!!” and fill out this form to hold your spot!

{Available to non-coaches & anyone not working with a coach. US, CANADA, UK!}

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