Pepper Nachos

Mini Pepper Nachos for LUNCH!!!  Yum!  Anything MEXICAN actually!  Yes, please!

Today I had pepper nachos for lunch and they were delicious! I just love cooking MEXICAN inspired meals!!  I've been craving real nachos, don't we all sometimes, and the #21dayfix you try to not eat tortilla chips.  So Peppers fill in as the substitute quite well! Here's the recipe:Southwestern Seasoning from the 21 day FIX nutrition guide - FREEMulticolored mini peppers, cut in half - 1 greenprecooked ground turkey - 1 redgrated organic cheese of choice - 1/2 blue Portion out the ground turkey that you desire and mix and reheat with the Southwestern Seasoning from the #21dayfix nutrition guide.  Mini Peppers can be placed on plate first, then top with the ground turkey and sprinkle with cheese.  Heat in microwave for about 30-45 seconds until the cheese melts.  And that's it!  YUMMY!