Premiere Team

WE DID IT!!!  My TEAM DID IT!  We are a 2015 Premiere Team in Beachbody!  Over 409,000 teams and we are PREMIERE!!!PREMIERE announcement

The STARS were aligned today! My Husband is rarely home from work early enough to even help me put the kids to bed. And today he worked from home so we could take care of a few things. And tonight he was home to enjoy the moment with me and our team of amazing COACHES as I received a call from Beachbody Corporate!!!For helping others with their HEALTH AND FITNESS on a daily basis, my team of coaches was announced as a PREMIERE TEAM of 2015, and finished #30 out of over 409,000 teams. Basically in a little over a year, we are in the top 0.01% of the entire company!

When I joined my first challenge group as a challenger I asked my husband to trust me, he said, "um, sure......"When I became a Beachbody Coach I asked my husband to trust me, he said, "um, sure....."In my first challenge group I was asked to write down a saying that would help me get through my day............I chose "I CAN & I WILL" and this little post-it note still sits in my bathroom medicine cabinet. But now I have it displayed properly!All I wanted to do in this group was get back in shape after we had our third baby. I'm just a regular mom that cares about her family and wants what's best for them. I never thought I could do what I'm doing now, and I never thought I would want to.But doing what I do every single day doesn't feel like work, because it's not. It's passion. So I set a few goals for myself and my team and they were clearly not big enough. I had a major setback this year losing my best friend, my #1 fan. And besides my family and friends, this amazing team was there for me. Support, friendship, and everything else I needed. And with that, we continued to CRUSH those few goals that I had set!It's an amazing feeling to think of the thousands of people that my team has helped with their health and fitness in a little over a year. It's actually quite MINDBLOWING! And we are not stopping! 2016 is going to be EPIC of the FLAWLESS EMPIRE.To say that I am proud of each and every coach on this team is not enough. I am beyond proud of the dedication and everything that each and every one of the coaches on my team puts into helping others! This team is amazing and I am so proud to LEAD it!I wasn't looking for any of this, but it certainly found me! 

Shout out to my amazing SIGN MAKER!!!Here is her website and please tell her that I sent for reading about my amazing accomplishmentLoriMiggins_Signature