Uprising Team Project

"Stand in the struggle. Discover your true strength." It is in the midst of our greatest challenges in life, that we discover what we are truly made of, that we have the courage to continue, the drive to overcome and the resilience to reach our greatest dreams. This tank was designed in partnership with the team of Lori Miggins Fitness, the Flawless Empire, to inspire others on their journey to discover their own true strength and to give back to vulnerable children so that they may also overcome the heartbreaking challenges they face living in poverty. The proceeds from the strength tank will help nourish their bodies of the children of Kankoole, Uganda by beginning a community garden and building a safe cooking area for the primary school. This soft, flowy, light-weight tank is perfect for working out and stylish enough to wear out too. Racerback, with black, water-based ink hand-printed on heather gray. 12810225_10208284620860480_1407249147_o 12776923_10208284619700451_262653829_o 11900825_1080506012013123_1867262476_o   12787351_10208284107567648_76340243_o 12788437_10208284092767278_1359410838_o 12810055_10208284182369518_1671676929_o 12823184_10208284090967233_841747501_o image

GRAY TANK #1 – Stand in the Struggle, Discover your Strength

Gray tank

Navy Tank #2 – Heart Kind, Mind Free, Spirit Brave

New Tank

TEAL TANK #3 – "Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger  #FEcoach"


UPDATE, as of May 23, 2016!!!

We were able to start the community garden from the proceeds from the first sale of the gray tank. We are continuing to feed the primary school kids every school day and now we are trying to also raise funds for a safe cooking area for the school as the little structure recently collapsed. So we are now offering this amazing BLUE tank as well as continuing with the GRAY one. All of your orders help! Every. Single. One! 13247855_10208995998204469_152359252079666791_o The purchase of the AQUA tank will help vulnerable children in Kankoole, Uganda to strengthen their bodies by funding a new poultry project. Children attending the primary school will learn important skills related to caring for the chickens and our hope is that each child will be able to receive at least one egg per week as an important source of protein. Their health is crucial to overcoming the cycle of poverty so that they can attend school, with strong bodies and minds.

CoachingLori Miggins