Mother Ring 

What is a Mother Ring?

Well, today I received a gift. A very special gift.

There are three names that are the reason I get up every day and do what I do! Everything I do, all day long, is for these three names!  And, now I have a ring with these 3 names on them, it's a Mother Ring.  It's a powerful piece of jewelry that I have right now, I get teary looking at it.  I think all my life I imagined myself a mom, and this ring symbolizes that I am one.  I live it every day, but life seems to be going in fast forward lately.  This ring reminds me to SLOW down and enjoy the moment.  I have 3 little people that I created, that I get to nourish, that I get to watch grow up and ENJOY life with.  Wow!  It's a powerful piece of jewelry for sure!  And my sweet husband just had it made for me.It was supposed to be an anniversary gift in April, but wasn't ready. Then it was going to be a Mother's Day gift in May, but still not ready yet. Well, when it arrived, it was WELL worth the wait! I've wanted something for the other hand for a while and this is just perfect! I absolutely love it!He purchased it from Heidi J Hale Designs and here is the link to the RINGS page:  

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