Organizing Kitchen Drawers 

ORGANIZING KITCHEN DRAWERSMy kitchen drawers were driving me NUTS!  And, I couldn't find anything and neither could anyone else.  So I decided to finally do something about it! They needed to be ORGANIZED!Here's why: First thing to do is empty them all and start sorting.Go through everything and see if you really need it all. How often do you really use 3 ladles.  Time to purge or put in the dining room cabinet for those holiday times.  They don't need to be in your drawers taking up every day space. Start separating into groups.  Get some containers to house it all.  And, I lined my drawers with cute liner. (: Ahhhhhhh, much better now! Now, everything has a HOME!!!And we removed items we don't use on a regular basis and either put it away, or DONATED!

OrganizeLori Miggins