My Passion and I just have to SCREAM it from the ROOFTOPS!

SUPER MOMSome people may look at this picture and think some pretty negative things…….like I am bragging or being “showy”.

Believe me I have heard it all. But I share this picture to show you that YOU can do this too! So, keep scrolling if you are turned off by this, and can’t stand to see another one of my posts, but I am pretty darn proud of myself for all that I have done in the past 17 months, having gone through what I have gone through.

And here are some stats I left off of my image:

*I’m a STAY-AT-MOM of 3 kids
(1 is an energetic 2 year old boy that thank goodness still naps and his favorite phrase is “NO, I NO want to”)

*I love to eat sweets
(preferably chocolate – DARK)

*My husband commutes over an hour each way
(so we never see each other during the week)

*I used to put myself LAST until my coach Maren Crowley taught me to put myself first
*I used to LOVE sleeping in
*I thought I didn’t have time for ANYTHING else
*I can’t cook, but I certainly can prepare!
*I love to ORGANIZE everything
*I used to suffer from ANXIETY
(I was even on meds)

*I used to be 20 pounds heavier and thought that was “just my body”
*I lost both my parents in less than 4 years, and they were my everything, and it was this thing called coaching and this amazing team that helped me through it and continues to help me through it DAILY
(not a minute goes by that I don’t want to call them)

*I never thought I could make a salary staying home that would exceed what I made teaching
(i know that’s not saying much as a teacher, but it is when it’s tripled)

*I love to SHARE this new found PASSION with as many as I CAN, because honestly, it’s a FIRE that is BURNING in my gut that I can’t stand but GET on my rooftop and SCREAM it out. If the world could hear me and my husband would let me (there’s a few toys up there too I want to get), I WOULD BE UP THERE screaming as loud as I could!

So with that being said, I would like to SCREAM it from the rooftops that I am having an OPEN HOUSE into my TEAM this week! Starting tomorrow!

If you want to live your LIFE by your own DESIGN!!!!
If you want to do something for YOU and your family!!!!
If you are the least bit curious about why I want to get on my roof!!!

Join me! CONTACT me! I will answer all of your questions with my team this week as we OPEN OUR DOORS and share it all with you!

Click here to APPLY to be my next coach!

And then, right after, I will train you and teach you what you need to do if this is something your heart is passionate for!

Let’s do this together!  Fill out the FORM below!


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