How I lost 22 pounds

My Personal Transformation

I’m not a superhero although sometimes my challengers make me feel like one.

I’m just a mom of 3 who likes to be in control of everything from daily routines, to bedtimes, to homework times, to food planning, and even my fitness and health!  But how can we control that?

Well, I asked myself this question a thousand times after my THIRD pregnancy.  I was so miserable in my body.  I just couldn’t get back to my happy self.  I was constantly thinking about what I would wear, how I could cover up, what was comfortable.  And, I was trying to raise my 2 daughters and my newborn son.  Thinking about myself was not something I had time for.  But I put my foot down when I stumbled upon a challenge group!  I was following a friend on facebook and I decided to join her in her next group.  It was that very first week of the challenge group that I completely fell in love with BEACHBODY and it’s nutrition and programs.  And, I haven’t turned back since.  I eat more than I did before and I work out less!  How is that?  The program is set up for most effective use of time!!!  And it teaches you how to eat properly to fuel your body to make it perform at it’s best!  It’s as simple as that.  And, if you like ORGANIZATION, this doesn’t get any more organized!  It’s so easy to follow!

My Complete TRANSFORMATION actually started over 10 years ago

My transformation started a few weeks after I had my first child, over 10 years ago. I never felt more uncomfortable with myself inside and out. As a new mom in a new body doing things I had never done before. And my journey only just began. I gained 50 pounds with that 1st pregnancy. And with a total of 3 pregnancies later, I finally found something that worked for me.

What was the biggest wake up call for me, was overcoming being perfect. I felt like everything I did had to perfect. This lead to my diagnosed anxiety. I had a fear of leaving my children alone, I had a fear of being in public, I had a fear of speaking to strangers, I had a fear of being looked at, I had a fear of being judged, I had a fear of failing.

This also lead me to try everything else out there!  Other “weight loss shakes”, weight loss pills, fasting, dieting, different weight loss centers, and also shots to help with fat reduction.  You know what it, it all worked, but nothing worked long term.

So, 3 kids, almost 15 years of marriage, and losing both of my parents, and I still have several flaws and now I deal with diastsis. But I am over PERFECTIONISM! With a small commitment, a few simple changes in my nutrition and fitness,  and I am the happiest I have EVER been, and 22 pounds lighter and way more MUSCLE than I thought I could ever have!

I quickly found out that once you gain control of your health and fitness, you gain control of so much more! It’s amazing feeling the other pieces fall into place. And soon enough I felt WHOLE! A WHOLENESS that I had never felt before! I found me.

I will NEVER be the perfect parent,
I will never be the perfect daughter,
I will never be the perfect wife,
I will never be the perfect sister,
I will never be the perfect friend.

And I am OK with that! I am on a journey and I am happy because with all that life throws at me that is not in control, I feel like I AM in control. So when something or someone tries to knock me down, I CAN GET UP!!! I am in control of me, no matter what!

What I didn’t have then that I do have now, is COMPLETE support! I am held accountable by my team and my challenge groups. This was the missing link for me, the secret sauce. I’m not sure where I would be emotionally right now if I hadn’t found this 2.5 years ago. With the emotional issues that run in my family, I am so happy I found this when I did!

And now it is my passion to help as many busy moms that are feeling down and out like I was feeling! With a few simple changes and some pretty awesome support, you can find the best you, FLAWS and all! You can feel FLAWLESS no matter what!

My team has done some incredible things over the past 2+ years and we are only just beginning! If you are ready for a complete transformation and ready to feel YOUR BEST, FLAWLESS from the INSIDE out, feel free to send me a message! My next group starts Monday and I have a few spots left, one can be YOURS! So get ready to TRANSFORM your life and become the BEST YOU!

Check it out and reserve your spot here:



The 21 day FIX and Shakeology is HOW I LOST the 22 POUNDS, and it continues to be my main source for my maintenance plan.  Thanks to my Beachbody On Demand, I can do so many workout programs and still use the lifestyle meal plan for the 21 day fix and maintain these results with the support that I need.  That and SHAKEOLOGY of course!

The nutrition plan is key to know what to eat every day.  The containers make it easy and fun!  REAL FOOD, real results!

The Shakeology was the missing link in my nutrition.  It’s full of vitamins and nutrients that I could get from FOOD alone, so this filled the gaps in my nutrition allowing me the essential nutrients, and the superfoods that I wasn’t getting from just eating, and the side effect from drinking Shakeology every day and controlling my nutrition…….weight loss.  Among other things like FEELING AMAZING, Having to buy all new clothes, and being happier and healthier than I have ever been in my life.    All by just a simple workout plan, a simple nutrition plan and a CHOCOLATE shake everyday!  I’ll take it!

They were the tools that allowed me to transform my body and my mind.  And through the challenge group, I was held accountable and given the support that support I needed to get through and see it to the end.  But, it wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning!

 Here’s me on Day 1 and Day 4.

And, on Day 10 and Day 14.


And here I am after a two rounds!  I was completely hooked with FEELING AMAZING!!

My professional before and after shots done in LA with Beachbody
after I sent it for the free 21 day fix t-shirt, they wanted me to fill out!!

And, I got my husband hooked too!


And I can’t wait for you to be next!


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